TeURaS Info in English

What is TeURaS?

TeURaS is a small student club for horse riding enthusiasts at Tampere University of Technology (TUT). The club was established in 1985, so TeURaS is actually one of the oldest clubs at TUT.

Our objective is to offer our members a chance to get to know other students with an interest in horseback riding, to participate in introductory riding lessons at stables in Tampere area and to take part in riding camps and trail rides.

We arrange events according to our members' wishes. At the moment we don't share any weekly riding lessons as a club. Some of us ride horses every week while the others just a couple of times every year. Everyone is equally welcome. Our main purpose is to have fun in a healthy way and enjoy horse riding together!

Who can join?

If you study at TUT and/or have paid the Unipoli Sport fee, you are welcome to join!
(If you are unsure about the Unipoli Sport system, just contact us.)

You don't have to have previous riding experience to join us, but many of our riding activities do require some kind of previous experience for safety reasons.

If you want to become an official member, the club fee is 2 euros per semester (or 4 euros for the whole year). You don't have to pay the club fee if you don't take part in certain horse riding activities. Don't worry, we will let you know if paying the fee is needed.

What else should I know about TeURaS before joining?

Our club meetings are free of charge! Welcome! :)

You are always welcome to join any publicly announced meeting or any other event even if you don't know any of us - yet! :)

Horse riding is a great hobby for both men and women. Finnish riding stables offer lots of exciting opportunities to experience!

We do not have a stable of our own. (Just how cool would that be?) The horse riding activities we arrange are not free of charge, not even for our members. One horse riding lesson (60 minutes) costs about 25-35 euros per person. One trail ride (2 hours or 3 hours) costs 40-70 euros per person depending on the stable.

It is always possible to borrow a helmet at the riding stable. Wearing a proper helmet is compulsory.

Feel free to contact us for more information at teuras-hallitus[a]listmail.tut.fi. We will tell you more about the upcoming events. You can also subscribe to our mailing list here or by asking us to add you.